Efficient use of equipment allows materials to be source separated at the point of generation, assuring full compliance with the NJDEP Guidance Document for the Management of Street Sweepings.


Materials handled with CEMCO are
designed to meet various beneficial reuse specifications for numerous local recyclers.

Materials Handling

Regulatory Compliance
Due to New Jersey’s 2004 Stormwater Regulations, street sweepings and other roadway clean up materials are a growing concern throughout the state. Because these materials are generated at urban (Type A), industrial and rural areas (Type B), the potential for contamination is as varied as the towns they come from. Government guidance documents are abundant with analytical requirements and expensive testing. These specific requirements, along with the often confusing NJ State “Waste Flow” regulations, can cause regulatory compliance problems for generators.

Extensive Experience
The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has issued a Guidance Document detailing the management of Street Sweepings and Other Road Cleanup Materials to assist generators in regulatory compliance. CEMCO can take the hassle of compliance off of your hands with our Roadway Sweepings Management capabilities. CEMCO’s experience in this very specific wastestream, and the specialized handling method it requires, has been developed through the screening, processing, transportation and recycling of over 20,000 tons per-year-of roadway material from NJ Dept. of Transportation facilities throughout the state.

Cost-Effective Solutions
CEMCO’s screening and loading equipment and fully insured A901-permitted fleet of roll-off and triaxle transportation vehicles ensure that all of your materials are properly handled. Our long-term relationships with over 35 area NJ Class B recyclers enable us to provide recycling options for nearly 95% of all the wastes handled through our Street Sweepings Management Program.