Waste Transportation

CEMCO offers a diverse array of transportation and related services, utilizing our fleet of fully permitted and insured vehicles. We specialize in “Less-Than-Truckload” (LTL) shipments geared towards generators having small volumes of drummed waste, allowing for schedules specialized to meet our customers needs.

For the occasional generator of containerized wastes, we offer full-service classification and disposal, as well as transportation services. Our customers consistently take advantage of our volume discount relationships with various area disposal companies.

Permitted Waste Hauler
CEMCO possesses the waste transportation authority to transport both hazardous and non- hazardous, or “solid waste” in New Jersey as well as in several neighboring states.
Under Solid Waste Authority SW2421, CEMCO has transported and disposed of thousands of tons of petroleum-impacted soils, utilizing reclamation and re-use for over 95% of the materials we handle.
Under Hazardous Waste Permit DEP#50239, CEMCO can provide turnkey environmental waste services, allowing all of our customers, from the occasional drum generator to high-volume manufacturing facilities, to utilize a single contractor for all their waste transportation and disposal needs.

Repackaging and Volume Reduction
A common problem with drummed waste is the partially filled drum. Whether it is an off-spec product, a partial that became contaminated, or just the accumulation of odds and ends, these partial drums cost the same as full drums.

Cemco will evaluate your individual waste streams and consolidate like materials, providing a cost-effective solution to a possibly costly issue. Our trained field crews are experienced at drum consolidations, lab packs, and bulking operations.